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I can only recommend this company! Everything has been flawless, service and shipping. I will for sure buy more products.


I've been eagerly awaiting my period to be able to try these and oh my gosh, I am a convert! Super comfy, they feel so secure that I had no worries about leaks and the absorbancy is amazing! So good I ended up buying an extra couple of pairs because I can tell these will be my go to pants for those first few days. Thank you Wuka!

Best underwear ever

I absolutely love these period pants. I feel dry and comfortable all day, and am completely confident. Highly recommend!! They are so comfy to use as regular underwear as well, not just on my period!

WUKA Basics™ Hipster - Medium
Love them

These pants are great! So comfy, absorbent and fit perfectly. I would highly recommend them, they make periods so much easier and greener! I love that they have a variety of models in the pictures too.

Wild swim approved

WUKA are amazing ! It was my first time using any wuka products and I was so impressed with everything. From the customer service, the packaging, environmentally friendly ethics, inclusively and representation, to the quality of the product, its functionality and the way it looked and made me feel.

Your menstrual cycle can have a big effect on how your body reacts to cold water swimming so to feel comfortable and have one less thing to worry about whilst you are in the water is a great bonus!

I have been wild swimming for years and this suit is an absolute game changer 🙌🏻

I would highly recommend wuka to anyone and I will definitely be investing on some more pieces.

These are AMAZING!!!!

Oh my gosh I love these SO much!! I am a convert to WUKA anyway, but always found the other briefs quite thick. These are SO lovely to wear I’m going to order more!!

Makes life easier

I bleed heavily at night, so I wear these to bed. Honestly, I wish they existed when I was starting my periods. I now never have to worry about leakages, and can sleep without a worry on my mind. I’m grateful for these because they just make my life much easier. The only downside I have with them is that rinsing them in cold water is bothersome. But it’s nothing compared to the relief I have at night, knowing that I’m secure from accidental leaks.

Love them so much!

These have been a huge game changer! Being able to wear them comfortably for 12 hours has made coping with my period much easier which I really, really needed as my mental health makes keeping on top of my menstrual cycle difficult. The way the hemline is positioned can sometimes make it feel like your underwear is falling down and there are times when things don’t exactly feel damp, but definitely don’t feel dry which can be unsettling. However, I’ve experienced zero leaking and these are much less bulky than the ‘high waisted super heavy flow’ pants so they get a big thumbs up from me! I bought 2 pairs in my usual size which fit brilliantly and I plan to buy 2 more. The biggest downside is they take a very long time to dry (at least 24 hours in my experience) so you’ve gotta have a solid wash routine.

Love em!

As with all my period pants, love love love these! They fit soo well and super soft and comfy. Once again, great job wuka! ♥️

Best buy

Absolutely love these. Super absorbent, super comfortable and somehow soo sexy?! I love these so much I even wear them when I’m not on my period. Best pants!

Supportive and leak free! Give them a try

I was skeptical about these but wanted to give them a go. I'm a size 12-14 and was a bit worried when they arrived as they look pretty small. But.... they are honestly some of the most comfortable period pants I have ever owned (and I've tried a few brands and types). They are very thun but feel really supportive and I was not in fear of leaking at all, unlike with some others (and i suffer from very heavy periods). Because the material is thin, they also feel less "nappy-like" than others. I actually forgot I was wearing period pants for most of the day! I love these so much and would highly recommend to others. Try them! You will not be disappointed.

I'm obsessed with my WUKAs!

WUKA's Stretch briefs are by far the most comfortable form of period underwear that I have ever put on my body, but the best thing about this particular pair of briefs is that the design is super secure and seamless, giving me the confidence that I can wake up and kick ass, even if it is during that time of the month.

Over the last year, my collection of WUKA briefs has expanded drastically and I can honestly say that since these products have entered my life, I've said goodbye to accidental leaks!

These figure hugging designs make me feel so good, they're the most reliable weapon to tackle that time of the month that I used to dread.

Thank you WUKA ❤️

Great fit

These are my first period pants, I am really surprised with them, the pants are soft and the "pad" area is really thin, the best part for me is that it does not smell (that is something a lot of people have asked me) and of course, they look like normal pants.


I really love these, they are very comfortable and are definitely leak proof. Forgot I actually had them on they are so comfy.

Seamless midi brief heavy flow

Bought 2 of these and also got 1 off the ultimate high waist-super heavy 3 months ago to see if they will work for my flow, and they have been absolutely fabulous. No leakage, no smell, no heaviness. I’m impressed with wuka. I can go to gym, work and also sleep in them and still no leakage. Easy to wash. Usually hand wash, then put in the washing machine on a delicate wash. Let them air dry. Its allowed me to invest in more. Just ordered more wuka pants so that I can have enough for my cycle. No more pads ☺️

So comfy!

Was a little sceptical buying beige period underwear but they are awesome! No leakyness and this new style is so comfy, no digging in or tightness and didn't feel loose of insecure at all! Me and my daughter are definetly wuka converts!

Satisfied Customer

LOVE the one size fits all knickers. I’m always between a 8-12 depending on where I buy from, the cheeky wipes ones are quite tight around the leg apparently intentionally to protect from leaks. I’ve bought 4 pairs of your stretch ones and I am so so happy. They’re the comfiest knickers I’ve ever worn I don’t even feel like I’m on my period.I’m honestly stunned by how comfortable they are, how nice they feel and how well they protect you. Some light ones would be fab please 😊

Thank you 😊

Happy Customer

Wow 🤩 My WUKA Stretch high waisted underwear have arrived and they are AMAZING!! I suffer with stress and urge incontinence and these have given me the confidence to go and join the gym 🏋🏻‍♀️ Woohoo - no more accidents 👏🏼🎉🥲

Great for sleeping

These are comfortable and very absorbent. They are really good for sleeping in.

Exceptional once again

My first ever Wuka purchase was about 3 years ago. They were fantastic but they started to get worn out. So I purchased some new ones and I have to say, the quality seems to have improved even more. 3 years ago, there wasn't much choice over flow levels so you ended up wearing thick, stuffy pants. Now I can manage according to my cycle.

Great period pants!

This was my first ever period pants I had bought and was nervous it wouldn't do the job. I was wrong. They keep me dry, comfortable and I feel clean wearing them. I have a fibroid and my periods are very heavy so it's been hard to find something that I feel safe in and reassured that I won't leak. These do the job and I cannot recommend them enough! If you have very heavy flows these will keep you dry all day and you won't have to worry about leaking.

Amazing product!

Went on my holiday fearing about how to manage my period around the pool and beach. Bought these swim bikini briefs so I could still enjoy swimming, sunbathing and was really glad that they did work.

They really are a really amazing product, they hide well under normal swimming bikini bottoms, is comfortable and you don’t get too hot wearing these - I wore these in 37 degree weather and kept cool.

They are easy to wash in cold water with laundry detergent and hang up to air dry after use. Well done Wuka for making my holiday easier!

Period Panties

Wife loves these. For added protection she wears plastic waterproof snapping pants over them just incase they let her down. She wears them for inco issues as well as for her monthly times.


Hi Wuka

What shall I daughter has started her period a month before her 12th birthday (end of Aug) She was devastated. She acted like the world has ended. She was not herself. She sat in the living room staring at the wall.
I am lucky she comes to me for advice so we went through the whole process and me explaining how normal period is.
She struggles with the idea of having period every month. She feels uncomfortable to change pads especially at school. She just started high school too so double whammy for her.
As her mum i was upset as nothing seem to be working in making her feel better about it.
I browsed online and came across your brand. I ordered one set with the book to try to help her. And what a change this has been.
She wore the knickers and came from school with a smile. Mum i felt nothing. Its so secure. Its great !
As a single parent I have to watch my spending especially now so I went to M&S and bought a pack of 3 for £20 thinking great she will be fine.
She came home from school in bits. It went completely through even though the knickers were for heavy bleeding. Luckily she has spare pads and stuff in her bag. But I was not impressed. I did notice the difference between their knickers and yours but was hopeful that it will be fine. It wasn't. I contacted their customer service as my daughter refused to wear them ever again. She told me she will only wear Wuka.
So here I am again. Ordering more. And thank you for the option of clear pay it helps me too afford these.
I would do anything to make it easier for her and make it more comfortable.
Thanks again you are stars.